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about me


Having lived and worked on a farm on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall for most of my life I have found myself becoming more and more intrigued by the life and death cycles of the seasons and natural plant and animal forms.

I have a fascination with the sinister side of nature and predatory creatures and how even the minuscule creatures and living organisms form part of the food chain and are all so bound together existing in the natural habitats that surround me and which I love.


I enjoy painting in inks or mixed media, with the fluidity of water based paints, taking on movement of its own accord, which leads into something else - unexpected, in the same way that nature can reveal things to me that are unexpected. I have also worked in glass and mixed media using the techniques of Pate de Verre, fusing, casting and fine metalwork incorporating recycled materials where possible. Alongside this work I can design & produce leaded windows.

Over the last few years I have spent more time on painting due to my busy work schedule in other areas, but I am soon to start some new glass projects.

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